Better Business Blog of Mississippi – Welcome Y’all!

Dear Fellow Business Men and Ladies in Mississippi:

This here is our website which we wanted to put together to create some exposure for our local business folk. It’s not that fancy – we know – but we thought that this would be better than nothing. So here goes – the reason for the site and how y’all can benefit from it.

First up, we wanted to clear up any misunderstanding or confusion with the similarity between BBB Mississippi and the Better Business Bureau, which also goes by BBB. We ain’t that sure who thought of it first, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt (just kidding). Anyways, we thought that Better Business Blog is a better description of what we are planning on doing here.

If you own a business and would like to have it featured or listed on our website, please feel free to shoot us a message via our contact form. We’ll have a look at your website and consider if it’s good enough for our BBB Mississippi website or not. Alternatively, you may have had business dealings with companies outside our beloved State or country and would like to post an article about it here. That’s okay too!

Maybe you have a video or funny picture of uncle Pete losing his pants on a cat fishing trip. I personally would love to see that – but it’s not what this website is for. Feel free to share your videos with me, but it don’t mean I’m going to put them on the site.

With that being said, I think that wraps up what we’re planning on doing here. So send us your articles and recommendations and lets get this party going!


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